Shrimp Scampi with Linguine

The first time I made shrimp scampi pasta was with my friend Susie, and  I was amazed by how quick and easy this dish was to make!  We simply sautéd garlic and onions in butter, poured in half a bottle of 3 buck Chuck white wine, threw in some frozen shrimp and some spinach as … Continue reading

Deep Fried Twinkies!

The only time it is ever OK to indulge in your favorite junkfood fantasies is when you happen to be at one of two places: the beach, or a county fair! Get in line! (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk) Alameda County Fairgrounds Last summer I happened to visit both! I went to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk … Continue reading

Poached Saffron Apples

I received this recipe from my chef friend Kei, as an complement dish to Roasted Beets with a Curry Vinaigrette.  All the flavors from the dishes are fairly intense, and they come together nicely in a unique sweet and salty combination.  I think I would love to enjoy these apples as a dessert by themselves, … Continue reading

Beet Top Stew

When cooking beets, oftentimes people will just discard the beet tops.  It is such as waste because the stems and leaves can be eaten as well.  A great way to use leftover beet tops is to make an easy and  delicious beet top stew! This beet top stew recipe was given to me by my … Continue reading

Roasted Beets with a Curry Vinaigrette

` I absolutely love beets — it is such a refreshingly sweet vegetable.  I love to eat them with salads or in borscht like Holodnik (Russian cold soup).   Typically, you can cook the beets by simply boiling them in water until tender.  My chef friend Kei, who works at a very fancy Michelin-starred restaurant … Continue reading

L’Artusi, NYC

L’Artusi Executive Chef: Gabe Thompson Beverage Director: Joe Campanale Cuisine: Italian Neighborhood: West Village Price: $40-50 for food per person + drinks L’Artusi is my and my roommate’s favorite Italian restaurant in Manhattan.  We always have an amazing experience  here, and it is our standard spot to bring work colleagues, dates, friends, family… basically anyone … Continue reading

3-Ingredient Quesadilla

I love pepper jack cheese. It goes especially well with a good salsa and crispy tortilla. That’s it, just three easy ingredients and you have the tastiest snack ever. Salsa & Pepper Jack Quesadilla (first discovered from Trader’s Joe’s sample food booth) medium tortilla (any type – wheat, flour, brown rice) your favorite salsa shredded … Continue reading

Chinatown Food Crawl, NYC

It all started when a friend wanted to compare all the Papaya hot dogs in the city, and we went to almost all of them in a single evening to finally declare a winner: Gray’s Papaya!  Since then, my fellow wannabe foodie friends have embarked on the occasional “Food Crawl” or if you want to … Continue reading

Blue Onion Cafe, CA

Blue Onion Cafe Went here for: Brunch 400 Brassie Avenue Kings Beach, CA 96143 Price: $15 average per person for food + drinks Attire: Casual A great place for brunch with the family. We sat outdoors with a gorgeous landscape view of the lake. The restaurant is part of a country club and near a … Continue reading

Russian Côtelettes

The term côtelettes is of French origin, meaning cutlet or chop.  In Russia, côtelettes has to come to refer to any sort of ground meat mixture formed into patties. For a formal Russian dinner, the serving order of the meal goes cold, hot, then cold.  Typically cold soups like Holodnik and a variety of salads … Continue reading