3-Ingredient Quesadilla

I love pepper jack cheese. It goes especially well with a good salsa and crispy tortilla. That’s it, just three easy ingredients and you have the tastiest snack ever.

Salsa & Pepper Jack Quesadilla (first discovered from Trader’s Joe’s sample food booth)

  • medium tortilla (any type – wheat, flour, brown rice)
  • your favorite salsa
  • shredded pepper jack cheese
  • 1. Place tortilla in pan on a stove under low-medium heat. Wait for it to warm up a bit, then add a couple scoops of salsa and spread on tortilla. Let sit for about a minute or two.

    2. Add shredded cheese. With spatula, fold tortilla over in half. Let cheese melt another minute before removing from heat.

    3. Transfer quesadilla onto wooden cutting board. Cut with pizza cutter into 4 pieces. Gobble up and enjoy while it’s hot!

    You might also enjoy trying this with some good ‘ol guacamole!

3 Responses to “3-Ingredient Quesadilla”
  1. woo tang says:

    mhmm yummy
    i want your camera

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