Happy 2nd Birthday Food Comas!

Happy Birthday to us — Food Comas turns 2 today!

Blogging has been a very rewarding experience for all of us, and we just love being able to connect with family, friends, and strangers over a shared love for food. Our kitchen is our happy place; hours just fly when we are cooking, experimenting, and making all our friends and neighbors taste test.

To celebrate our birthday, Pris baked a delicious Nutella Swirl Bundt Cake and also decided to make an ebook with all our favorite recipes on the blog; will be coming soon!

Now, to update the scoreboard… we have published 145 posts in the last year, which brings the total number of posts to 330 (222 recipes, 108 restaurant reviews). We are thrilled that the the total number of views has more than doubled over the past year and we thank everyone for reading and supporting Food Comas!


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In the past year…

My Favorite Recipe: Thomas Keller’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken
This was a rare indulgence in my kitchen, but I can make exceptions when paying tribute to Thomas Keller.

My Favorite Restaurant Review: ABC Kitchen, NYC
If I could open a restaurant, I would imagine it would be something like ABC Kitchen. I very much admire the restaurant’s fierce dedication to staying organic and locally sourced. I also love the American craftsman decor utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, live edge wood tables, handmade porcelain dinnerware, and vintage light fixtures. And the adjacent ABC Home store where you can buy almost anything you used during your meal? Business sense props!

My Favorite Cooking Moment: Anytime I am cooking for a big group I’m in a frenzy of cooking heaven. I always love cooking our Thanksgiving Eve dinners but the cooking we did for our Hurricane Irene party was epic. The storm evacuated part of the city and had shut down transportation from Saturday afternoon to Sunday and so we had a bunch of friends crash at our place for a 2-day slumber party. Our cooking began very gourmet but as the drinking progressed, we began to just deplete our entire pantry of anything edible…

My Cooking Goals: So last year my goals were to learn how to poach an egg, bake the perfect cheesecake, and make the best banana creme pie that would rival even my favorite at Nation’s. I was able to check off poaching eggs with my California Eggs Benedict and… er… that was it. I know exactly what banana pie I plan to make though (April Bloomfield’s Banoffe Pie) and I want to learn to bake bread.

Restaurant Wish List: Daniel (NYC), DBGB (NYC), Jean Georges (NYC), Red Rooster (NYC), Atera (NYC), French Laundry (Yountville, CA), Next Restaurant (Chicago, IL)

My Chef Crushes: Thomas Keller, David Bouley, April Bloomfield


Favorite Recipe: Momofuku Milk Bar’s Crack Pie
Thanks to Jen who introduced me to one of Momofuku Milk Bar‘s amazing desserts when I visited her neck of the woods in New York. I was an immediate fan of the salty sweetness of the crack pie that when I returned home I searched for a recipe in which I could recreate the dish. This is definitely one of my favorite desserts to date!

Favorite Cooking Moment
Making a surprise breakfast for our parents with Jen, and also when she accidentally scrambled the hollandaise sauce in the microwave!
Favorite Restaurant Review:
Food trucks. Not an actual restaurant, but an increasing trend here in California. I love discovering new food truck and hunting them down for a quick bite.

Cooking Goals: Well I finally learned to stop overcooking/undercooking chicken!! My new goals are to make ratatouille pot pie and chicken pot pie.

Restaurant Wish List: French Laundry, 3 Broomsticks @ Harry Potter Land (going in a few months!)
Celebrity Chef Crush: Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Bakerella
Favorite Recipe: Borsch
I’m being cheesy again and picking another Russian one, because I get really excited when I get Russian food right. The Borsch definitely turned out stewy and savory and even my neighbors (one of whom is coincidentally also from the Motherland) approved!
Favorite Restaurant Review: Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I just went to the Blue Hill location in NY (post to come soon!) and while the dinner was absolutely delicious, it was no Farmer’s Feast and of course the ambiance was still of a typical city establishment versus that of a verdant farm. So if you don’t have the patience to read through the whole post, the take-away is that Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a hippie food utopia in all the best possible ways.
Favorite Cooking Moment: I don’t want to steal Jen’s thunder, but our Hurricane Irene party was pretty spectacular. I also loved making a Christmas Eve Eve dinner for a bunch of our straggler friends who stuck around during the holidays.
Cooking Goals: So I haven’t made Ceviche like I had set out to in my last year’s goals, but I did make Tiradito when I took a Peruvian Cooking Class, which I think is close enough. I also didn’t make Boeuf Bourgignon, but I am currently taking an Essentials of French Cooking Class at the International Culinary Center (formerly the French Culinary Institute), so I think that is a good approximation for anything French. As for mixology, I still make a mean Pimm’s Cup and have tried to class things up by drinking more wine rather than cocktails; we’ll see how that goes. Looking forward, my cooking goals include rocking my Fine Cooking class and learning more Russian recipes.
Restaurant Wish List: Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (NYC), NoMad (NYC), Atera (NYC), Alinea (Chicago), Chez Panisse (Berkeley).
Celebrity Chef Crush: Honestly I have more crushes on smooth-talking sommeliers. Must be something about those dusty raspberry undertones. But in the interest of not looking like a creepster, I’ll exclude the names.
Thanks again for reading and happy eating to everyone!
3 Responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday Food Comas!”
  1. jdubs says:

    thanks so much for all the support! we hope to continue to cook and eat and blog for a long long time!

  2. Harold says:

    Happy Birthday Food Comas! I have copied many of your recipes. Keep’em comin’! Looking forward to year 3!

  3. Congratulations – I’m so glad to have discovered you, I shall continue to follow. Long may the blogging continue!

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