Creamy Kabocha Squash Risotto

To get into the autumn mood, Natalya and I decided we should try to cook something involving a pumpkin!  I found a recipe from the The San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook Volume II called “Carol Field’s Creamy Pumpkin-Flavored Risotto” and decided to give it a go. When I went to the grocery store, I decided to … Continue reading

Babbo, NYC

Babbo Chef: Mario Batali Cuisine: Italian Neighborhood: West Village Price: $70/person for an antipasti with one primi and one secondi Optional: Pasta-tasting menu for $69 or a Traditional Tasting menu for $75, with $50 additional for wine pairings or $95 for “Riserva Selection” of wine pairings. The restaurant does not allow BYOB. Phone: 212-777-0303 Address: … Continue reading

Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Tomato

I love Eggs Benedict or any breakfast creation that involves poaching eggs. Benedict, unfortunately, because of the Hollandaise sauce and English muffin is a bit heavy and fatty for an everyday meal. So I decided to make my poached eggs in a slightly healthier version. I consulted Yoogin K.’s recipe as a guide on how … Continue reading

Antique Garage, NYC

Antique Garage Chef: Utku Cinel Cuisine: Mediterranean, Turkish Neighbordhood: SoHo Price: $20 per person Phone: (212) 219-1019 Address: 41 Mercer Street, NYC 10013 Jen and I discovered Antique Garage serendipitously. We were shopping in SoHo, walked past it and were intrigued by the sounds of the smooth sultry jazz emanating from the open space. As … Continue reading

Baked Eggplant (Aubergine) with Tomato and Mozzarella

I was perusing Jen’s Essential Mediterranean Cookbook (newest edition here) looking for inspiration for a few meals for the week, and came across this hearty side dish. We both love eggplant and had leftover mozzarella cheese, so this was a done deal. I followed the recipe pretty closely, except substituted dried herbs for fresh parsley … Continue reading

Fish Cooked in Paper

This recipe is also inspired by The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook. I was craving fish because I wanted something light after a Sunday night meat marathon at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. The recipe seemed simple and healthy, so I decided to try it. I tried two different fish — the Wild Pacific Dover and Turbot. The former was … Continue reading

Landmarc Tribeca, NYC

Landmarc Tribeca Chef: Marc Murphy Cuisine:  American Nouveau Neighborhood: Tribeca Price: $40-50 per person for an appetizer plus entree Phone: (212) 343-3883 Address: 179 West Broadway, NYC 10013 Right in the heart of Tribeca, Landmarc is always bustling with neighborhood diners and as a bonus, even offers cozy sidewalk seating to see and be seen. … Continue reading

Spam Musubi

Mmm… spam. Don’t get grossed out. I know it sounds horrible to have this on a food blog but believe me, you gotta try this just once! Spam musubi, also known as spam sushi, is one of my favorite “once in a while” snacks, and a popular favorite when I visited Hawaii. You can find … Continue reading

Whole Roasted Chicken

Natalya and I are huge fans of buying whole rotisserie chickens from the grocery store, especially when we are feeling too lazy to cook.  Sometimes we will incorporate the rotisserie chicken as part of a full meal, but more often we end up just picking at it as a quick snack.  One day, we were … Continue reading

Vinigret Salad

This salad is a very popular Russian dish that features the often stereotyped Russian staples of potatoes and beets. It shares many of its ingredients with Olivye, and so the two are frequently served simultaneously at large dinners during the salad/appetizer course. It is often referred to as “Vinaigrette Salad” on American websites, which makes … Continue reading