Landmarc Tribeca, NYC

Landmarc Tribeca

Chef: Marc Murphy
Cuisine:  American Nouveau
Neighborhood: Tribeca
Price: $40-50 per person for an appetizer plus entree
Phone: (212) 343-3883
Address: 179 West Broadway, NYC 10013

Right in the heart of Tribeca, Landmarc is always bustling with neighborhood diners and as a bonus, even offers cozy sidewalk seating to see and be seen. It has one 2-seater table on a small balcony on the second story, which I’ve never seen anyone eat on, but am myself curious to try out one day. This location definitely has a more neighborhood feel than its Time Warner Center counterpart, which is much larger and more suited to the suited up business crowd (lame pun intended). The restaurant ambiance is calm, inviting and slightly romantic — if romance is what you are looking for. The space is dimly lit,  the exposed brick walls and metal geometric wall hanging remind me of a quintessential Tribeca loft vibe — a mix of classical and modern elements. The cozy circular bar ensures the bartender can see all of his customers simultaneously. There is also an open fire stove at the back — standing even a couple of yards from it can make you sweat, so beware.

Everyone at the restaurant is friendly, and the wait is never bad. A couple of warnings: the entrance area is small, so there is very little waiting space, even at the bar. Also, some of the 2-seater tables are so close to each other, you feel like you’re almost on a double date (which depending on how well your date is going, could be a good or bad thing). But then again, most New York restaurants try to maximize their use of space and Landmarc is definitely not the worst offender. My friend and I split 2 appetizers and 2 entrees, as well as a bottle of Barolo that the server recommended.

Roasted Marrow Bones
onion marmalade & grilled country bread
The presentation was my favorite part — the marrow was actually in the bones, ready to be scooped out and spread on the country bread. The dish was fatty and tasty, but really small, and definitely left me wishing for more.

Grilled Octopus Salad
potatoes, onions & chorizo vinaigrette
Refreshing salad, but the octopus was a bit overcooked and too chewy.

Sauteed Skate
artichokes, haricots verts & tomato clam jus
Very well prepared and juicy.

Skirt Steak
with shallot bordelaise
We were told the restaurant is famous for its steaks, so had to order one. It was juicy enough, maybe a bit too chewy.

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