Antique Garage, NYC

Antique Garage

Chef: Utku Cinel
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Turkish
Neighbordhood: SoHo
Price: $20 per person
Phone: (212) 219-1019
Address: 41 Mercer Street, NYC 10013

Jen and I discovered Antique Garage serendipitously. We were shopping in SoHo, walked past it and were intrigued by the sounds of the smooth sultry jazz emanating from the open space. As the name suggests, the restaurant has a garage door front, which is wide open in the summer, and is glass so there is still plenty of natural light in the winter. The inside is exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and antiques splayed around the walls. Anywhere else, this smorgasbord of mirrors, photos and the like would seem kitschy and cheap, but here it just works. The best part is the live jazz played here on a daily basis. It’s absolutely lovely to sit by the jazz trio and sip on a glass of Malbec while people watching the myriad passers by of SoHo. It’s just as nice to enjoy a hearty brunch with a warm cup of tea.

Yogurt spread with cucumbers and dill
This appetizer took me right back to the three weeks Jen and I spent in Greece in 2007. We ate tzatziki everyday and bought the herbs to make it at home (admittedly, haven’t made it yet, but always order it at Greek eateries).

Slices of grilled halloumi cheese atop mixed greens, artichoke bottoms, olives, red pepper strips and tomatoes, with lemon vinaigrette
The bed of greens and vegetables felt so healthy and the lemon vinaigrette very zesty. The halloumi cheese though was not my favorite — it was too chewy. I’m no expert on halloumi, so maybe it was the correct texture, but I was not a huge fan.

Grilled flatbread topped with Gorgonzola cheese, black olives, and tomatoes, finished with arugula & Prosciutto Di Parma
Everything about this pizette looked and sounded amazing. The exception: gorgonzola cheese. It was just too “blue cheesy” for this dish. The pizette would have been perfect with feta or mozzarella or pecorino — pretty much any other cheese.

One Response to “Antique Garage, NYC”
  1. Sarah says:

    Major dissapointment! My husband and I arrived, it seemed like a great atmosphere, excellent band. We ordered, waited, waited and waited was not till a band member realized, and pointed out that we had not been served, that I brought it to the attenion of our weighter. It had been an hour since we ordered. We then asked for our bill and left 17$ & all we got was some water and lemonade. Never got a chance to eat,because the weighter “forgot”. Poorest service, Ever!

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