The Spotted Pig, NYC

The Spotted Pig

Chef: April Bloomfield
Cuisine: Gastropub, English, Italian
Neighborhood: West Village
Price: $40-50 per person for food + drinks
Phone: (212) 620-0393
Address: 314 West 11th Street, NYC 10014

This cozy gastro-pub still retains its status as a West Village hotspot since its opening in 2004 by owner Ken Friedman and Chef April Bloomfield (plus some help from their good friend Mario Batali).  The Spotted Pig is NYC’s first official “gastro pub” which essentially translates to a posh pub that is serious about food.  The Pig boasts 100 seats within its homey two stories, and it is always packed to the max.  There are no reservations, and the wait time for dinner can be atrocious on any day of the week.  If you show up past 7pm, be prepared to wait at LEAST 1 hour (more likely 2 hours for a party of 4).  The Pig appears to have a much higher number of two-top tables, so coming with a party of 2 will help considerably with quicker seating.  If you must ditch the rest of your party for the sake of delicious comfort pub food, so be it.

The menu features simple but innovative takes on English/Irish pub classics.  My must-order dishes include the chicken liver toast, sheep’s milk ricotta gnudi, and roasted quail.

It’s not cheap, it’s not convenient, but it’s certainly delicious!  Is it worth the hype and the exorbitant wait times?  Still undecided.  I would recommend stopping by The Pig first to put your name on the list and give your mobile number, and then head off to one of the many amazing bars in the vicinity to chill at while you wait for a table.  Keep drinking, stay happy, and you will be eating Chef Bloomfield’s finest in no time.

Deviled Egg
The “egg” is singular because they do only give you one egg that is halved… it’s decent but save your $3 for something else

Devils on Horseback
Bacon wrapped dates/prunes stuffed with cheese or some kind of chutney (?) … let’s face it — everything tastes good wrapped in bacon!  Side note: I think a lot of tapas bars do this dish better i.e. Alta, Sala.. but if you want your pig fix, order this… or for more artery-clogging, try the Crispy Pig’s Ear

Chicken Liver Toast
Definitely my favorite of the bar snacks — so rich and creamy, I had to order another plate as soon as I tasted it!

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi with Basil Pesto
Another must-order plate!  Absolutely delicious, great flavors and textures

Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho
Very vibrant flavors, I think it provides a refreshing balance to all the heavier greasy dishes

Fried Zucchini Blossom with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil
Fried vegetables with a dash of paprika, oily but good

Crispy Pig’s Ear with Kholrabi & Young Cabbage
Don’t be fooled by all the high-piled greens on this dish, it does nothing to cut the heavy grease factor of the deep fried pig’s ear.  It was even denser and greasier than pork rind… I could feel my arteries clogging the minute I tasted it. Of course it was delicious but perhaps a bit too much…

Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort & Shoestrings
FYI Roquefort cheese is a sheep milk blue cheese that is super sharp and tangy with a salty finish.  I adore blue cheese, but even I thought it made the burger overly salty.  Loved the mountain of rosemary shoestring fries though!

Roasted Quail with Trevise & Gooseberries
I love quail as it strikes the perfect balance between healthier white meat and fattier dark meat.  The succulent roasted quail was perfectly complemented by the leafy bitterness of the Trevise and the crisp sweetness of the gooseberries.

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  1. MaggieRulli says:

    I was so impressed by your Spotted Pig order I had to reference it in my own write up – you girls can navigate a menu!!

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