Vinigret Salad

This salad is a very popular Russian dish that features the often stereotyped Russian staples of potatoes and beets. It shares many of its ingredients with Olivye, and so the two are frequently served simultaneously at large dinners during the salad/appetizer course. It is often referred to as “Vinaigrette Salad” on American websites, which makes … Continue reading

Deep Fried Twinkies!

The only time it is ever OK to indulge in your favorite junkfood fantasies is when you happen to be at one of two places: the beach, or a county fair! Get in line! (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk) Alameda County Fairgrounds Last summer I happened to visit both! I went to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk … Continue reading

Olivye (Russian Potato Salad)

From living with my Belarussian roommate and thus sharing a kitchen with her, I have come to realize how much Russian/Belarussian people love their potatoes, mayonnaise, dill and pickles.  The oliyve (potato salad) dish combines all these national favorites. Russian cuisine is intriguing to me because there is very little overlap of ingredients with the … Continue reading

Fried Home-Style Potatoes (assuming your home is Russia)

Another savory recipe from my Belarussian roommate!  Natalya had taken me and several friends to the famed Tatiana restaurant located in Brighton Beach.  This glitzy Russian palace/night club features a dining experience unlike any other.  From the tome of a menu to the constant flow of vodka to the crazy production that is the weekend … Continue reading