Chicken Chow Mein

Chow Mein 炒面 is a Chinese stir-fried noodle dish that is typically served in two ways: steamed or crispy style.  The latter version is also known as Hong Kong style in Western cultures, and it is one of my favorite Chinese dishes.  In order to get the perfect crispness of these thin noodles, you must … Continue reading

Joe’s Ginger, NYC

Joe’s Ginger Chef: Joe Si Cuisine: Chinese, Hong Kong style Shanghainese Neighborhood: Chinatown Price: $35-40 total for the meal ($10 per person) Phone: 212-285-0333 Address: 25 Pell Street, NYC 10013 The original Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant opened in 1994 in Flushing, New York.  The restaurant quickly gained popularity due to its specialty dish, Xiao Long Bao, … Continue reading