Peruvian Cooking Class – Dinner


After landing in Lima on my Peru travels, one of the first orders of business was scheduling a Peruvian cooking class. Natalya had taken a class with Sky Kitchen when she was in Lima several years ago and she highly recommended it. She took the class with the lunch dishes, which she wrote about here: Peruvian Cooking Class – Lunch. Natalya already goes over the Sky Kitchen background in her post so I won’t repeat but bottom line is – Christian and Yurac are awesome and it’s a very fun class.


I decided to take the class with the dinner menu so we would have more recipes to share. Unfortunately, I could not get in the market tour before the class but the cooking class itself was fabulous.


When Natalya recently traveled to Arequipa, the so-called spicy food capital of Peru, she also took another Peruvian cooking class which you can read about here.  For more South American cooking ideas, check out the meal Natalya and I made in our Chilean Cuisine Cooking Class in Valparaiso!

Read more about my Peru trip on my travel blog here.

Now back to the Peruvian cooking class – the 4-course dinner menu we prepared is as follows:




Lomo Saltado


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  1. My dream is to do the same…

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