Yerba Buena Perry, NYC

Yerba Buena Perry

Executive Chef: Julian Medina
Cuisine: Latin, Spanish, Tapas
Neighborhood: West Village
Price: $30-40 total per person
Phone: (212) 620-0808
Address: 1 Perry St, NYC 10014

Boozy brunch is a time-honored tradition in Manhattan.  Essex and Sunburnt Cow have always been my go-to brunch spots whenever I wanted to get absolutely toasted before 3pm and in the most efficient and affordable way possible.  I have now found a new boozy brunch favorite in Yerba Buena Perry, which opened in West Village in 2009.  Executive Chef and owner Julian Medina adds another winner to his growing empire of cozy restaurants serving up delicious Latin American fare.  Medina now has Toloache restaurant x 2 (Times Square and FiDi) and Yerba Buena restaurant x 2 (LES and West Village).  I have not been to any of the others, but I definitely plan to do so in the future.

The key thing about boozy brunch is really the booze — that is comes in large (if not unlimited) quantities for a friendly price.  Yerba Buena’s brunch offers unlimited cocktails for 1 hour (sangria, cipirinha, bloody mary, mimosa, bellini) for a mere $12.  Yes, the normal cost of a single cocktail in Manhattan.  But Yerba Buena Perry goes where most boozy brunch spots have never gone… the food is actually fantastic.  I promise the plethora of alcohol did not dull my taste buds; this place has some amazing savory dishes with great vibrant Latin flavors for unbeatable prices.  The unique basket of fries made of watermelon, cheesy hearts of palm, and avocado were absolutely ingenious.  The guacamole seemed to be a hit because every other table in the restaurant had ordered it, so clearly it is a must-try next time.  The Cachapa Benedict was a great take on my favorite brunch dish of eggs benedict and the Sandiwch Cubano transported me back to Miami (sorry closest I’ve been to Cuba).  Also loved the Arepas and I never say no to churros…

I loved the cozy, dark wood paneling and the 1950s Havana decor.  Service is super quick, friendly, funny and happy.  Even after our unlimited boozing hour had ended, our awesome server came over to say he accidentally had made three extra sangrias and wondered if we’d help take them off his hands…  The manager was also keen to check up on whether we were having a good time, which I always appreciate.  Only issue: there were a couple little bugs (fruit flies?) flying around, which I supposed evoked an authentic tropical climate but I definitely could do without…  But all in all, Yerba Buena Perry is a repeat favorite and I am sure Medina’s other spots shall be joining that list soon.

Anti-hangover Mary: Svedka vodka infused with b-12, tomato juice tapatio sauce, lemon juice
Definitely spicy to kick that hangover in one sip!

Mimosa: sparkling wine, fresh orange juice

Brazilian Bellini: leblon cachaca, passion fruit, sparkling wine

Sangria: cava, white, or red grand marnier, lepanto brandy, blackberry brandy peach liqueur, fresh fruit

Trio of Fries: avocado, watermelon, hearts of palm
Addictively incredible combination of sweet and savory.  I have made zucchini and eggplant sticks but I realize I am not being adventurous enough.  Must get more exotic and throw in some fruits!  I knew the cheesy hearts of palm were going to be delightful, but those avocado and watermelon fries… oh my goodness… such a surprising taste.  They were just fantastic.

Pan Dulce: french brioche toast, manchego cheese dulce de leche, bananas
Sweet but light and great with manchego cheese dulce de leche

Sandwich Cubano: serrano ham, bbq suckling pig, brie cheese chipotle mustard, pickles, papas provenzal
Full of intense flavors from the salty serrano jamon, tangy bbq suckling pig, and rich brie — a little fiesta in your mouth!  I know that sounds weird but just go with it…

Capacha Benedict: sweet corn cake, asadero cheese, poached eggs, serrano ham, yerba buena-aji amarillo hollandaise
A Fabulous take on my favorite poached eggs dish, using sweet corn cake instead of an  english muffin and that jamon serrano I was in love with…

Arepas: chicken tinga, scrambled eggs, avocado queso fresco
These adorable little pulled chicken sandwiches were quite savory although I couldn’t help but think they resembled a fancier Latin version of McDonald’s Egg McMuffins… I don’t mean that in any negative way!

Churros: dusted with cinnamon, dulce de leche chocolate sauces
A great ending to a fabulous brunch, although I still think Five Points‘ churros are still the best (well, second only to Costco’s)

Nat returned to Yerba Buena Perry for another brunch, so here are the additional entrées she tried.

Granola with yogurt, honey and berries

Ensalada de pollo – chicken breast, mixed greens, avocado, tomato jicama, sherry vinaigrette

Pescado ahumado – salmon lox, smoked white fish salad Yucatan style, tomato, avocado, red onions, toasted bagel


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