Izaka-ya, CA


Cuisine: Japanese


Address: 1335 Nourth First street, San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 452-8751

Izakaya is kind of like a Japanese pub. The term izakaya originates from sake shops that allowed customers to sit and drink. “i” = to sit, sakaya = sake shop. This place is very tiny– it shares a door with neighboring restaurant, House of Genji– after walking through the main door you immediately turn left to enter Izakaya. There’s a few tables to sit at and a bar (seen above). Despite the fact that where we sat was squeezed between a large pole and the entrance, the food and service each time Tim and I visited were excellent. Izakaya is usually open until late, which is perfect for late-night dinners.

The menu is a bit overwhelming since there is so much to look at. It’s like a huge spreadsheet 6 pages long. Our dinner set came with rice, miso soup  and salad with noodles in some kind of delicious sesame dressing.


Super spicy yellowtail sushi

Kamo garlic (duck)
Pretty tasty, slices did feel pretty thick, though.

Crispy shrimp tempura roll

Taste is about what you would expect from such a dish.

Fatty tuna (market price was $12)

Love this tuna. Melt-in-your-mouth delicious and worth ordering again the next time we visit.



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