Lure Fishbar, NYC

Lure Fishbar

Chef: Josh Capon
Cuisine: Seafood
Neighborhood: Soho
Price: $20-30 lunch entrees, there is a happy hour menu on Monday-Fridays 5-7PM
Phone: (212) 431-7676
Address: 142 Mercer Street, NYC 10012

Located in the heart of Soho, Lure Fishbar is a landmark for pescaphiles (does that word exist?). It has a full raw bar, sushi menu, and an entire page of seafood appetizers and entrees to choose from. There are also options in the fowl/meat arena, but why would you come to a seafood restaurant and order chicken? I’ve only come to this underground seafood den for lunch, and have not left disappointed. I do want to one day try out the Happy Hour menu, because as a lunch spot, this place is definitely pricey. And according to Jen, happy hour is more affordable and a great bustling scene.

Inside, Lure Fishbar is designed to look like a yacht with round portholes that look out on the street and rectangular windows that separate the bar area with the dining room. It is very spacious, and although I’ve never sat at the bar, it looks very welcoming and not at all crowded (happy hour exempt).

One thing not to miss is the drink list. The cocktails are absolutely delicious and the Bloody Mary Royale, for example, is served with an oyster shot for added pizazz.

Nice little snack as we waited for our food. They make you extra thirsty, and what better way to quench that thirst than with Blueberry Finn or a Lychee Martini?!


Fanny Bay, Kumamoto oysters served raw on ice with mignonette and usual accouterments and Shrimp Cocktail
Great raw bar quality, meaty oysters were delicious and not too salty, watery or fishy

Yellowtail Carpaccio with Garlic Chili Sauce, Sesame Oil, Avocado, Crispy Shallots
The yellowtail itself was overshadowed by the garlic chili sauce and everything else. It was tasty, but I wish I would have tasted the fish more

Spicy Tuna Roll
A very simple roll to make, it was just the right level of spicy and crunchy and not too fishy

Salmon Sashimi
Not the most generous serving size, but the fish was very fresh and my friend said it tasted great


Baked Cod with Mushroom Ragout, Scallion Potatoes, Miso Sauce
This was the most savory of the dishes we ordered. The ragout was hearty, the cod itself was delicious but this was a bit heavy for a fish course

Steamed Branzino with Oyster Mushrooms, Scallions, Ponzu, Cilantro
The branzino was flaky, light and juicy and perfectly deboned without losing its structural shape. It’s no branzino at Bohemian, but was my favorite fish dish at Lure

Grilled Whole Daurade with Herbes de Province, Dill Gnocchi, Agro Dolce, Tomato
Flake, succulent fish, glad it was deboned for me. It was tasty, but not as good as the branzino

We finally went back to Lure for happy hour — the oysters, little bites, and cocktails were awesome!

Oysters with mignonette and oyster shooters with vodka and spicy Bloody Mary mix
Great oysters for only $1.50 although because I’m not a huge Bloody Mary lover, I was not really into the shooters

Deviled eggs topped with American caviar
My second favorite deviled eggs in NYC, after the Hurricane Club’s

Lobster croutons with garlic and chilis on sourdough
I wish these were bigger or there were more of them; the little guys were awesome


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