Ivo & Lulu, NYC

Ivo & Lulu

Cuisine: French-Caribbean
Neighborhood: SoHo
Price: $40 for food, wine is BYOB
Attire: Casual
Phone: (212) 226-4399
Address: 558 Broome St # D, NYC 10013

I actually discovered Ivo & Lulu for the first time when my friend had a birthday celebration there three years ago. It is a cute BYO French Bistro, right next door to La Sirene. I had not eaten there in over a year, so was excited to revisit when this same friend decided to have a birthday dinner there again. I have to admit that it was not as good as I had remembered, although the change in opinion could have to do with our decidedly changed tastes over the past three years.  However, it still was satisfactory for a large and casual dinner party.

The interior is actually divided into two parts, each with a separate entrance. It’s pretty cozy, which basically means the seating is tight. The walls are adorned with French and Caribbean prints as well as a chalk board with the menu du jour. You really get the feel of being at a corner bistro in France, since all the servers speak with a thick French accent and make you feel insignificant when you order the dishes and butcher the French language. But then they pop open the multiple bottles of wine you brought and everyone is back to being jolly.

ENTRÉES (in this case, appetizers)

Avocat Grille: grilled avocado, spinach and veggie shitake mushroom vinaigrette
Tastes better than it looks; great on a baguette or toast.  This used to be our favorite dish three years ago, although upon trying it again recently… it wasn’t up to par… unless you LOVE avocados, maybe pass on this dish

Crevettes: shrimps, rum, cilantro chili butter
Very juicy and tasty

Anything cooked in this much butter will taste heavenly. I distinctly remember dipping all the bread I had in leftover sauce.

The gruyere crust complemented the potato slices exquisitely


Summer Squash Raquot: acorn squash, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, white beans and veggies
It sounds very interesting, but was way too sweet, which we should have expected after seeing the coconut milk on the menu

Great tasting slab of meat

Magret: breast of Moulard duck with cous cous
Very juicy


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