Gyro King, CA

Before my parents and I went to see the musical, Wicked, we stopped by this small little restaurant for a quick bite. The long line spilling out into the sidewalk on a Saturday afternoon caught our attention so we decided to try it out.

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25 Grove St
(between 8th St & Hyde St)
San Francisco, CA 94102
Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin

Cuisine: Greek, Turkish, Mediterranean

Homemade bread

The place is fairly small, you order and pay first at the cash register and then seat yourself. Most of the food like meats and kebabs are laid out under the glass for you to see as you order. It’s uncooked, and once you order the food is taken out and put on the grill. We were first served homemade bread which was yummy and light.

Feta Pie

I ordered the Feta Pie. I’ve never seen a pie quite shaped like an oval before but was glad it was bigger than I expected because it was so delicious. The dough was stuffed with tomatoes, feta cheese and parlsey and a side salad.

Chicken Shish Kebab

My parents shared one of the specialty platters. They ordered the Chicken Shish Kebab which came with two skewers, rice and salad. I thought the chicken seemed a little dry, but the seasoning was good. Not too spicy, which my parents liked.

Baklava Fistikli

For dessert I tried the Baklava Fistikli – pastry with pistachio. I like baklava, but I normally don’t eat it with pistachio so it was a nice change. Not sure if I would order it again though because I thought there was too much syrup at the bottom and too much salt from the pistachio. Next time I want to try the Baklava with walnuts!


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