Shanghai Cafe Deluxe, NYC

Shanghai Cafe Deluxe Cuisine: Chinese, Shanghainese Neighborhood: Chinatown Price: $20 per person Phone: (212) 966-3988 Address: 100 Mott Street, NYC 10013 In an atypical fashion for this blog, I’m actually writing about two Chinese restaurants, instead of Jen. Hopefully I will do them justice. Shanghai Cafe has been a Chinatown favorite for many years, and … Continue reading

Congee Village, NYC

Congee Village Cuisine: Cantonese Neighborhood: East Village Price: $30-40 per person including drinks Phone: (212) 941-1818 Address: 100 Allen Street, NY, NY 10002 Congee Village has been on Jen’s wish list for a while, so when a friend from Ohio was visiting and was craving a taste of Chinese good (apparently not many choices beyond … Continue reading