La Cerveceria, NYC

La Cerveceria
Chef: René Ibarra
Cuisine: Peruvian
Neighborhood: East Village
Price: all plates are under $20
Phone: 212-777-6965
Address: 65 Second Avenue, NY, NY 10003
Hours: Mon-Thurs 3pm-12am, Frid-Sat 2pm-3am, Sun 2pm-12am

Located on a busy stretch of Second Avenue amidst numerous bars and eateries, La Cerveceria is a Latin American/Peruvian restaurant that serves up a variety of tapas with classic Latin flavors like lime, cilantro, avocado. As the name suggests, La Cerveceria, “the brewery” in Spanish, also has a notable beer list featuring brews from over 20 countries. The list of beers spans two pages and is divided into pale, golden, amber, brown, dark, and hops categories. There is also a notable wine list that focuses on New World wines.

The menu offerings are a mix of more traditional Peruvian dishes like causas and ceviches, with other Latin American classics like guacamole (but with lobster!), empanadas, etc. So I would say for more authentic Peruvian, I’d recommend a place like Panca, but if you want to enjoy a casual Latin American tapas dinner and accompany it with a delicious beer selection, this is your spot. The added bonus is also the outdoor seating which will be amazing in the summer.

Lobster Guacamole fresh avocado, lobster & shrimp, plantain chips
I adore guacamole, so I devoured this and loved the plantain chips. Admittedly the lobster was not necessary but a nice touch.

Causa- Avocado purple potato, hearts of palm, goat cheese
Once again, I love avocado which obviously made me enjoy the dish. But I’ve had better causas in Peru, so need to find something more authentic

Ceviche – Fluke avocado, leche de tigre, hearts of palm
Great ceviche — the fish was fresh and refreshing

Skirt Steak carne asada con guasacaca venezolana
This was probably my favorite dish, because I’m a huge carnivore. The guasacaca is a Venezuelan version of guacamole, and is more of a relish than a dip. It was a delicious creamy accompaniment to the skewers.

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  1. I was there and I enjoyed it very much. The owner was so nice to us that I also did a post….

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