Food Comas: Top 10 in 2010

It’s only been a few months since starting our first ever blog, Food Comas, and the cooking and dining and blogging shenanigans Priscilla, Natalya, and I have gotten into have been quite entertaining thus far!  Thanks for everyone’s support in reading our blog and expect more delicious gastronomic adventures in 2011!

Just wanted to round up the top 10 recipes and dining reviews in 2010 (or well since May) based on page views.  Click on the title to see each post!


1. Baked Peppers Stuffed with Ground Beef, Wild Rice & Goat Cheese

2. Red Velvet Cake Balls

3. Chinese-Style Steamed Fish

4. Crispix Arare – Japanese Style Party Snack Mix

5. Chicken Chow Mein (Hong Kong Style)

6. Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

7. Chilled Corn Velouté

8. Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches

9. Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

10. Chinese Mabo Tofu


1. Beauty & Essex, NYC

2. Bohemian, NYC

3. Chinatown Food Crawl, NYC

4. per se, NYC

5. Sammy’s Roumanian Steak House, NYC

6. 88 Palace, NYC

7. Croatian Cuisine

8. Le Bernardin, NYC

9. wd-50, NYC

10. Babbo, NYC


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