Five Points, NYC

Five Points

Executive Chef: Marc Meyer
Cuisine: American Nouveau
Neighborhood: NoHo
Price: $20-25 for food per person + drinks

Five Points restaurant was launched by the same brunch gurus who brought Cookshop and Hundred Acres to NYC.  Five Points opened in NoHo in 1999 and was the first independent venture by Marc Meyer and his wife Vicki Freeman.  Following Five Points’s success, Cookshop was opened in Chelsea in 2005, and three years later Hundred Acres opened in West Village.

I have yet to try Cookshop, but comparing Five Points to Hundred Acres, I definitely prefer the former.  Both restaurants boast innovative and delicious brunch dishes, but the food menu is considerably more extensive at Five Points.  However, Hundred Acres definitely wins in the Bloody Mary category with 5 different varieties to choose from!  Five Points offers brunch cocktails by the pitcher which is a great deal for a nice and boozy brunch.

Five Points is one of my top brunch spots in NYC (especially when I have a large group) and as much as I try to branch out, I can’t stray far from the Wood Oven Baked Egg Whites!  I have tried many other dishes which are all incredible and savory, but I always make sure at least one person in my party orders the Baked Egg Whites so I can steal a few bites!   Other than the items pictured below, I have also loved the Goat Cheese Escarole Frittata when it was on the menu (it is currently spinach and blue cheese frittata).  Don’t forget to save room for the churros — I always order them for dessert!

OLD FASHIONED OATS roasted apples, cinnamon & maple

BAKED EGG WHITES spinach, roasted yukon potatoes, parmesan & di palo’s mozzarella
my favorite dish, perfectly delectable

HOUSE-MADE PORK-FENNEL SAUSAGE & POACHED EGGS buttermilk biscuit, roasted tomato sauce & Hollandaise fondue
a savory take on the classic poached eggs brunch dish

EGGS RANCHEROS roasted tomatillo salsa, corn tortillas & vermont cheddar
tastes like a fiesta! very flavorful

LEMON-RICOTTA PANCAKES vermont maple syrup
unique combination of lemon and cheese… my friend loves this dish, I am a bit bewildered by the citrus flavor

SMOKED ATLANTIC SALMON shaved red onion, horseradish créme fraiche, capers,
cheese & kossars bagel
simple smoked salmon sandwich, hearty but think there are much better items than this

Flavorful and succulent chicken, not the best Five Points has to offer

SPECIAL: Egg Frittata with Pecorino Cheese with Lamb Sausage, Gold Bar Zucchini, Harissa sauce
This dish is full of intense Mediterranean flavors and it motivated me to make Harissa Salsa later that day!

CHURROS with mexican hot chocolate
must save room for dessert… so light and fluffy and sweet!

2 Responses to “Five Points, NYC”
  1. Helen says:

    Five Points is my favorite brunch place! I always end up getting the sausage and poached eggs and of course, the churros with mexican hot chocolate….though I start with those. I mean, it’s brunch, so all rules are out the window and you’re allowed to start brunch off with dessert!

    Love the blog!

  2. Wow! Each and everyone of those pictures makes my mouth water… especially the baked egg whites-healthy AND delicious. Did you know that now you can order the same Di Palo’s cheeses used in those delicious eggs online at Chec out the website for other great Italian food specialities from extra virgin olive oil to cured meats to unique pasta and pantry items all imported directly from Italy.
    Happy Eating!
    Di Palo Selects

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